The philosophy of Stoicism - Massimo Pigliucci

Those of us that are passionate about self-development and self-help understand that the quality of our lives is determined greatly by our thought patterns and attitudes.  The philosophy of stoicism centred heavily on this and other ways of thinking that enabled people to cope with and prosper in the midst of very harsh and difficult times in their lives.  As one of the Stoic's said:

We suffer not from the events of our lives, but from our judgement about them - Epictetus

In this video Massimo Pigliucci homes in on these ideas to explain why the stoic's believed it was possible to stand up under pressure and thrive regardless of their external circumstances.  Training our mind's to think in a psychologically empowering way can mean the difference between enduring our lives or 'enjoying' them which results in positive knock on effects in the lives of those we connect with.  I hope you are enjoying your life! 

To your success!!

Simon Anderzon
-The Life Abundant Network


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