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How To Become A Money Magnet! (Use This!)

Those who are wise have come to understand that money is not the answer to everything and it certainly isn't a requirement of happiness, but it does provide several things which are of significant value in our world -

It gives us choices - When we're tied to a job that is earning us just what we need and no more we can feel trapped, unable to fulfil any of the dreams and desires that have been placed inside us

It can free up more time - Not being tied to permanent employment but rather being financially free can put us in a position of having more time to invest in the lives of others - including our families -and also enables us to enjoy life so much more when we don't feel enslaved by our job.

It gives us power to invest in the lives of others who really need our help, which in turn gives us immense blessing when we become habitual and radical givers

It relieves stress - Money worries are one of the main causes in todays society of anxiety, depression and strained relationships.  Having more money can take the lid off the pressure cooker and give us and our loved ones some much needed breathing space!

Not long ago I shared a video by 'You are creators' providing steps on how to change our thinking from negative and self-limiting beliefs to positive and empowering ones.  This video, again from You are creators, takes things a step further and focuses specifically on financial freedom and money attraction. At 16 minutes long and after having received over 1 million views already, it stands out as promising to be a great investment for our time and our future.  So, go ahead.  Become a money magnet!!

To your overwhelming success,
Simon Anderzon 
Hi! I research topics such as self-development achievement and mental health. I have a passion to use my life experiences and research to help others reach their full potential.