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An Easy Step-By-Step Process To Overcome Worry

By Vyara Bridgeman

If you want to achieve more, learn to worry less. Here is how you do that:
  1. Realize you are worried. Become aware of the physical sensations in your body that Worry is producing, the obsessive thoughts that drain your energy, and the paralyzed feeling that high-jacks your life.

  1. Analyze the situation by asking and answering the following questions: Will the physical pain that Worry is causing me solve my problem? Will my obsessing over the problem solve it? Will feeling paralyzed about it help me find the solution?
  2. OK, now you have intellectualized the insanity of Worry. For it IS indeed insane! So your final step is to make a conscious choice to stop worrying. Simply decide not to worry.
Good, now you have decided not to worry, here is what you need to do instead:

  1. Don't think about the problem. Think about solutions. Looking for a solution dissipates Worry. Trying to overcome a problem only brings on more Worry.
  2. Keep in mind that most problems actually solve themselves without your involvement. All you need to do is lower the importance you give to the problem. So spend some time decreasing the importance of the matter. And watch the matter get resolved.
  3. Release all aversion to problems. Don't think "If I get what I want, I will be happy". You have to be happy first to get what you want. If you are not happy you will keep getting what you don't want. So be happy first.
  4. If you still can't stop worrying, that's OK. Set a timer and allow yourself to worry for 5 minutes straight. That's right - immerse into Worry for those 5 minutes, go through all possible scenarios of doom and gloom and indulge in them by conscious choice until the alarm goes off. When the time is up, and if you feel like you can do with some more worrying, go ahead - set your alarm to 'wake you' out of Worry in another 5 minutes. During that time, make sure you get a good dose of worrying. And then when the alarm goes off, just snap out of it because it is the most ridiculous thing on Earth.

5. If you couldn't achieve anything productive during those 5-10 minutes of conscious worrying, I can guarantee you your results won't be any better if you spend days doing it. Now you have had your dose of self-pity, go back to implementing my list of suggestions one by one and watch solutions come out of nowhere.

If you want to achieve more, simply worry less!

Vyara Bridgeman is an Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner who works with patients from all over the world suffering a variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions. To find out more about Vyara's BodyTalk practice, what her clients say about her, and how she can help you achieve a balanced body-mind, visit:

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