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Expectations Gone Awry?

By Rhonda McNett

Hope the summer finds you enjoying many things - inside and outside! We've had so much more extreme heat than normal; little wind to blow the wildfire smoke away; and no rain for over two months now - it's hard to want to be outside, right? Plans are constantly changing at the last minute due to poor air quality and the desire to do the right thing for our precious lungs! Is that frustrating to you, or are you able to just 'punt' and go to Plan B?
It's always hard to remember that most of what we encounter in Life is not 'planned' for us, and the more you try to plan (or organize!), the more frustration you may feel. This counts not only for the outdoor concert you purchased tickets for; that bike ride you were going to take yesterday with friends; as well as that organizing project you had intended not only to start, but complete!

Yes, jotting a 'to-do' on your calendar or scratch pad signifies your intention to get to something, but guess what? Other stuff, in one way or another, will trip you up in some manner, surely! "But, I could just see myself getting that done today," you argue. Right... but remember that not throwing in the towel on that vision, that expectation, still means that it is important enough for you to reschedule that activity, not give up on it! "Murphy's Law" will always trip you up - but you can get past it!

  • Visualize the project so you can see its value and why you care;
  • Have everything you need in place to start, including any training or planning you need to do before launching into it; getting a sitter for the kids; planning to get to it while they're at school; all equipment at the ready to just jump right in;
  • Stick to your schedule, whether it's a full day or as little as a 15-minute timed segment - it all counts!
  • Avoid all distractions: pets, phones, other electronics. Make sure you are well-hydrated and eat before you get going because you will be tempted to procrastinate and lunch sounds like a good idea, right?!
  • Keep your end goal in mind and make sure you are headed in the right direction. If you are getting confused about what you are doing, or why, it's time to take a quick break and reassess your expectations - maybe this is a project someone else wants to be done, but isn't in your heart, in your wheelhouse? Be honest! Sometimes determining a 'NOT-to-do' is just as valuable as working on something but that really has no merit for you, your home or your office.
  • Got 'er done? Celebrate! Reward your good work, not necessarily with food or shopping (!) but maybe with some quiet time, reading in a relaxing corner; a movie with popcorn; some time with friends... You pick your hot-button!
So, now - how's that for regrouping around our spoiled expectations and moving on?! You can do it, especially if you take a deep breath and realize that The World isn't really trying to frustrate you! Gratitude toward all the positives will make frustrations over which you have NO CONTROL much easier to accept!

Here's to your peace and tranquility as we continue to float in and around all the heat of summer!

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