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How to Reduce the Never Ending Stress in Your Life

Everybody experiences stress in life. Stress is actually brought about by a personal perceived inability to cope with certain situations.

Stress is really unavoidable in life but it can be reduced. You just need to find out what is responsible for causing it in the first place.
There are 2 types of stress: acute and chronic stress. Acute stress is short in duration but chronic occurs over a long period of time. Chronic stress is never good for the human body. It increases oxidative stress in the cells which can lead to health conditions such as anxiety, depression, stroke, heart problems and cancer. Stress also increases acidity in the body which isn't good for the cellular environment either.
The following ways can help alleviate stress in your life and assist in helping you achieve optimal health.
10 ways to decrease stress in your life
Social Support: Have a good social support system. Talk to someone you can trust about your situation. This has been proven to alleviate stress.
Humor: This is known to relieve stress. Laughing daily reduces pressure one feels from stress and anxiety.
Change of environment: If at all possible, you may need to change jobs or move house if your source of stress comes from these.
Me time: Spending scheduled time by yourself, doing what you love can also help in reducing stress.
Visualization: This relaxes your mind because you are visualizing the truth about who you are; blessed, able, healthy and creative.
Affirmations: Making affirmations has been shown to decrease stress and provide a relaxed state of mind, helping to boost confidence.
Organization: Making a schedule, time management, tidying up your house or work desk can go far in reducing stress.
Exercise: Studies show that regular exercise can reduce stress levels. Exercising outdoors is highly encouraged because the fresh air you breathe helps to increase oxygen flow to the brain. Running, biking, swimming and walking are all great exercises that can be done outdoors.

Meditation: By meditating, you are resting, reprogramming and rejuvenating your mind. Studies show that this helps to reduce stress levels because you are in a state of mental quietness or you are thinking thoughts of goodness.
Yoga: Yoga is a form of exercise that involves stretching and holding those stretches. It has been shown to reduce stress and may be helpful in the management of depression and anxiety.

Reducing stress in your life is very important for good health. Do all of the above and you'll see your stress go down significantly. Remember, whatever you do, try and have fun while doing it!

About the Author
Dr. Amaka Nwozo is the founder of Raw Living Wellness and eMarketing Strategies Now. She is a dentist, author, wellness and digital marketing specialist. She is the author of Amazing and Raw, Raw Anticancer, Heal Autism Right Now and Social Media Marketing Nuggets. Download Amazing and Raw for free at